How Do You Eat Your Chocolate Easter Bunny?

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Religion is a touchy subject, but we can all agree that the Easter holiday is the best holiday for candy and sweets. Sure, there’s Halloween, but people never give out the best candy ever invented as a treat for trick-or-treaters — the chocolate Easter bunny.

Whether it’s hollow or solid, the chocolate Easter bunny is the rare gift that can last for weeks. Unless you eat the solid bunny in one day and want a sugar rush that lasts a lifetime — there are roughly 166.8 grams of sugar in a Russell-Stover 11-ounce solid chocolate rabbit.

Random thought: maybe someone would give a chocolate Easter bunny to a child for Halloween as a trick. They’d be giving out Easter candy in October, tricking kids into believing that Easter is coming.

Survey says…

Anyway, close to 58% of people said they eat the chocolate Easter bunny’s ears first, according to a recent study conducted online by scientists for The Laryngoscope. They asked close to 30,000 people a simple question: what part of the bunny do you eat first?

In my opinion, those who eat from the ears first are looking out for the poor animal. They don’t want the bunny to listen to their own death. Would you want to listen to someone chomping and chewing and salivating all over you while they devour you? Just saying.

As for the rest of the results, 33% of respondents didn’t care where they started eating, whether it was the tummy or cute tail. And 4% eat the little booger at the feet.

If you’re worried about being on the correct side of this “debate,” don’t worry. There are no psychological differences between those who eat the feet first and those who eat the ears first. That’s because scientists never studied those effects in the first place.

But they did find out that most bunnies were eaten between mid-March and mid-April for the past five years. Guess which holiday is in-between those days? It ain’t Halloween.

Speaking of scary, watch this video. It’s almost disturbing.