The Correct Way to Eat and Peel A Banana

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Growing up in school, we’d have banana halves for lunch (more like thirds, but whatever). Then, without peeling the banana, we’d scoop the banana out with a spoon and eat the banana. Why peel it if the banana is already exposed? We felt like we were saving the world by conserving our natural resources.

Not really, but I mean, it was fun eating bananas with a spoon.

Which got me thinking: have we been eating a banana wrong the entire time?

Monkey eating a banana

Peel the Banana Like a Monkey

Well, we’re for sure peeling it wrong.

Most start peeling at the stem. But monkeys, including cartoon monkeys, open it from the other end. And when was the last time you saw a monkey bruise a banana?

So, take the banana. Flip it upside down, with the bottom facing you. Then, pinch the end. Or push your finger through the black part. Start peeling. Pat yourself on the back. Because you just peeled a banana like a monkey.

Eat the Banana

If you want to have fun, cut the banana in half and scoop it out with a spoon.

Here’s the trick: don’t disrupt the peel. Make sure you keep it together. Then, you can pour your favorite drink into the hollowed-out peel. Like orange juice or apple juice or coffee. Doesn’t matter what drink. The peel will hold the liquid. And it will be glorious.

Also, once you’ve hollowed it out, you can play a little trick on your friends. Ask them if they want the rest of your fruit. Bananas are an enticing treat, so they’ll say, “Sure.” They’ll grab the peel, and flip it around to see that it’s hollow. It’s a harmless prank. Because they thought you were a good friend. You’ll laugh at their naïveté.

Unless they take that empty peel and put it on the ground, waiting for you to slip on it, which would be the ultimate revenge. And they will laugh at your pain.

Ok. Maybe don’t do that. Let’s move on.

Banana in supermarket

Other Cool Ways to Eat Banana

If you’re at a formal dinner, you must slice the elongated fruit and eat it with a fork. Makes sense. Formal dinners are not supposed to be fun.

If you wanna have fun, like when you go camping, you can make a banana boat.

Cut across the length of the banana. Once slit, put in mini-marshmallows, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, M&M’s, or any other candy you want. Wrap it in tin foil and set on the grill. Let it sit for a while. Take it off grill, top it off with whipped cream or crunched graham crackers.

It’s less healthy, but more fun.