When Is It Acceptable To Multi-Task?

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Women can do this activity better than men. It makes you dumber if you keep doing it. Smoking weed is better for your brain than doing this.

No, girls can’t smoke crack better than guys.

Women are great at multi-tasking. (Or are they?) And that’s a big no-no, according to the experts. Multiple studies have found that multi-tasking is terrible for your brain.

But when is it OK or acceptable to multi-task? There are always exceptions to the rule. Right?

List of Acceptable Tasks to Do At The Same Time

1. Talking and walking

2. Sitting and talking

3. Chewing gum and living life

4. Driving while talking on the cell phone

Ok, let’s back it up. Yes, this is kind of dangerous. But have you ever noticed that no one ever discourages the driver to engage in a conversation while they’re driving with multiple passengers in the car?

Driving with passengers forces you to look in the rearview mirror to tell your child that their picture is the prettiest of them all. If there’s another adult in the passenger seat, you want to give them eye contact to show that you, the driver, are listening to the passenger’s boring story about the price of gas.

Instead, driving while on the phone allows you to keep your eyes on the road while talking to someone on the other line. Screw carpooling. Go at it alone. Pollute the earth to save your passenger’s life.

Studies prove this. You’re welcome.

Brain electrified

When It’s NOT Acceptable to Multi-Task

Any two tasks humans can do while living on Earth. Pooping and scrolling through Instagram. Checking email and watching TV. Having sex and playing Tetris.

As stated earlier, multi-tasking makes you dumber than a stoner because there’s not as much gray matter in your brain. Your brain can only process one task at a time. So technically, it should be called “task-switching.” If you’re constantly switching tasks, you’re being less productive while lowering your IQ by 10 points. It also takes about 15 minutes for you to re-engage in the previous tasks.

Don’t feel bad if you multi-task. It’s a cultural phenomenon where we see successful people multi-tasking. And we strive to be our heroes. It also feels good; multi-tasking feels like you’re killing two or three birds with one stone. When the exact opposite is happening to your brain.

Just remember: If you want to be your best self, do one task at a time. You won’t perform well in bed AND get a high score on Tetris.

But go ahead and walk and talk at the same time. That’s acceptable.