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My parents are famous for producing nicknames. If you are related to my family, you’re now remembered as O or D-Man or Pook or Babers. Below is a list of nicknames I’ve been called in my lifetime:

Andrew Joseph

(There’s a story behind each nickname. Feel free to ask me about any of them. Especially the fake ones.)

Since my parents could come up with great nicknames, I thought I should give this blog a cool nickname…


Yes, I call my blog Crap. With a capital C.

Anyhoo, it’s full of random stuff.

So, follow my Crap. Enter your email address in the box below:

What To Expect From My Writing


The only way to enjoy this blog is to set low expectations.

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What Internet Trolls and Editors Have to Say About My Writing

“Well written and all, but I have some serious issue with how you started the article [about the salt and ice challenge]… Do you not realise what the ice bucket challenge was? It raised over 100,000,000 (sic) dollars to ALS research. And you compare it to something like the cinnamon challenge. Weak research here, and I hope you do better next time.”

“Don’t make fun of religion.”

“We just don’t have the time to work with writers whose articles tend to require a good amount of edit time, which unfortunately had become the case with many of yours. I do hope you keep writing for yourself or other publications, however, as I think you have great potential!”

“You never self-edit your shit.”

“You can’t cite your sources correctly, Mr. Andrew Krehbiel.”

“Your writing is like global warming; you know it’s ruining your life, but you’re not doing anything about it.”

“Math majors can’t write. They’re supposed to math every day. Go back to Microsoft Excel and figure out math for the rest of the world, you doofus.”

“You don’t ever improve or try to get better.”

Andrew Krehbiel’s Official Response to the Internet Trolls and Editors:

Whatever. It’s all good.

Let’s give a thumbs-up to constructive criticism!

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